NetRoster – The surveillance and security software for the protection and safeguard of assets and people.

NetRoster is a solution for security institutes who want to plan activities for their guards, manage their movements and check, thanks to a permanent geolocation system, the routes taken and the controlled locations.


Switching to a software like Netroster allows you to :

Security management program

Another very important thing is that our security management program is a real ERP capable of reducing the waste of time and minimizing the use of paper documentation and therefore also the storage and reorganization time. So, you no longer have to worry about paper forms and updating messy spreadsheets. Maintain a central and up-to-date absence register to plan better and work smarter.

Better control of the security service

Allows better control of the security service of your patrols offered to your customers in case you are a security institution, and for those who want to use our outsourcing services for video control of the internal and external areas of your property

24/7 monitoring

For entities such as Museums, Schools and public, private and privately owned companies.Our control panel can, through its 24/7 monitoring, notify you of possible intrusions by strangers inside or outside your properties and contact you or the local security service independently.

Why choose us? Because we’re the best.

Why Netroster? Because your passion is our passion


Keep track of who is off or on site, and who has a check call. As your team grows or you get more security guards and security cars to manage, things get complicated. We regularly meet people who “manage” with spreadsheets and paperwork. We see people not booking or making check calls, which is really important for their health and safety, well-being and productivity at work. Thanks to our traceability system integrated in the App, achieving this is not difficult, because we have created this WebApp to simplify all the work processes both for your administration team and for agents with mobile devices, making everything a little easier and productive.