Safeguard People, Property and Assets

Secure and automate antiquated processes using trusted identification technology

Secure proof of presence combines trusted Near Field Communications (NFC) or BLE and cloud-based authentication to uniquely add trust to IoT applications – ensuring services have been rendered and billed for the accurate amount of time.



Extend Internet of Trusted Things Environment

NetrosterCloud is driving leadership with an expanding portfolio of wireless transponders (RFID, NFC, BLE) and cloud services securing and enabling IoT applications that are opening new opportunities across numerous markets. At the core of NetrosterCloud identification continuum are visionary solutions fueling broad Internet of Things applications, location services for the workplace, asset tracking & monitoring, secure proof of presence, brand protection, secure transactions and many more.


Providing a safe environment for a company’s most valuable assets, people and property is paramount for property management and facilities managers. Adding trust to IoT applications forges new paths for our partners and users to develop solutions powered by NetrosterCloud’s end-to-end IoT platform.

How Trusted Tag Services Works

NetrosterCloud Tag Services can facilitate transactions simply by tapping an attached or embedded NFC tag with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to securely communicate information. This results in a frictionless authentication experience using a solution that fuels more powerful and dynamic Internet of Things applications.

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