NetRoster Anytime, Anywhere!

Switching to Netroster makes booking time off and On work a breeze. No more dealing with paper forms and updating messy spreadsheets. You get a central, up-to-date record of absences, so you can plan better, and work smarter.

Keeping track of who’s off and On and who have a check call . when is pretty easy when there’s only two or three of you to think about in an organized way
As your team grows, or you get multiple teams to manage, things get more complicated. Every time someone wants something you’ve got paperwork to sign-off and On and clunky spreadsheets to update.
We regularly come across people ’making do’ with spreadsheets and paperwork. We see people not booking off or on or making check calls — which is really important for their health, wellbeing and productivity at work.
But it needn’t be hard, because we made an app to make your life a touch easier and your team a little happier.